Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kehinde Wiley

Born in 1977 kehinde, an African American native of Los Angeles made his mark on the world. His mother was an African American who pushed him to pursue art. At the age of 12 he was sent to art school in Russia. His dad was not involved in his life, but his lack if being present in some ways influenced Wiley's art. Wiley's dad was a Nugerian man from the Yoruba tribe. When Wiley was older he decided to go to Nigeria and find his father and seek his other culture. Culture has influenced his art. Not just his own Nigerian culture but twist on other things. The African textile design he uses is very unique. Through his quest he was able to find many patterns and a two way street to his identity. Hip hop and growing up as an African American male while exploring contrasting things. He plays with the stature of power and position with his paintings of black men and women and photographs of them. He puts them on backgrounds that would never be placed with the people he uses. Urban people with royal settings. He takes the rose coming from concrete approach. He leaves the viewer puzzled. Are we all judgmental? Why can't urban people be mounted on a floral background? He takes traditional and contemporary and makes them one. Wiley is a genius. Here are some of his pieces. 

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