Thursday, February 20, 2014

Art and fear 2

According to the article art is A Beethoven concerto, a Mona Lisa and craft is the old stuff. Furniture made by San maloof and things before the industrial revolution. Art can be mistaken for perfection when it isn't supposed to be. Craft takes years to make but it's possible to obtain perfection. The difference between the two is mental. It's easy to fall into habits of doing things. Most hab it is from influence. In art when you develope habits they are helpful reliable and convenient. It comes with maturity once it's formed a style is formed. My style is very random. I live shapes and patterns but I use them as intricate puzzle pieces. I also draw faces. After much analysis I figured out why I'm so into both. I'm complicated and I like to figure people out. I don't understand people and shapes and patterns tell the story of my confusion. My art is complicated. 

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