Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chuck Close

Never let anyone define what you are capable of. Chuck Close was not the best student, but he knew what he was passionate about and he stuck to it. Art was something that came naturally to him. He just went into the studio and got it done. I enjoyed when he said inspiration is for amateurs because sometimes something does inspire you to be better than what you are at a certain time. Chuck states that nobody gets anywhere without help. We can't do it all by ourselves. I found this interesting because he is paralyzed, but he wasn't referring to his disability. When Chuck said that it is important to feel special something inside me clicked. Regardless of who you are, feeling special is one of the best feelings. With Chuck's father passing on at an early age in his life, he learned that things couldn't get much worse. He is prepared for life. Sometimes we have to hit a huge rock to find the top of the mountain some day. This theory even works in art. If you mess up early on, chances are that you'll be ready for anything spill, tea or crumble. Confidence is KEY.

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