Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tharp by scratching is how she generates Ideas. Ideas should turn you on an idea isn't an idea unless its combined with little ones. Finding ideas in mentors and heroes, music, peoples handiwork are all ways to be inspired. Of course there are a ton more! You have to scratch. Put in time and be in shape. You have to be prepared and dig into your craft! Scratch in the best places never look in the same lace twice. It is important to trust the unconscious and don't question. Accepting luck as a skill is important. Somethings just happen so we v can't always rely on our artistic abilities. It is important not to rely on other people too much because you may get let down. Push independence! Don't believe that everything has to be perfect. The ticking clock is our friend it gets us started and provides a sense of urgency and passion. Limited resources are enough to get us started. Creating the right structure and setting ground rules that apply to our lives and specific piece is important. We have to know the difference between obligations and commitment. I can't overload things because I may set myself up to fail. I need to have an idea and go with the flow. Having the right materials not the most perfect materials is key! If i am too too greedy my work may not come out the best. I have to "settle" for somethings sometimes. Consider! Consider! Consider. Consider my work and practice everything I have learned in this writing and I will be just fine!

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