Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Post

I am a flexible artist seeking to find new materials, inspirations and experiences that take my art work to the next level. I have a base and an idea as to where i would lie to start, but I do not have limitations as to where my final project will take me. I'm reaching for beyond the stars. My hunger for success is infinite. In the next few weeks I'm hoping to collect the necessary information and material need for the project I'd like to do. I am also hoping to learn some new techniques, so I can be top notch in my craft.
I love making art in general. I don't have a particular preference in whether my crafts are 2D OR 3D. If I make something in 2D and i feel it would be interesting to have a 3D component then I do everything in my power to transform it, or vice versa.
I hope to learn how to shade better in painting, photography techniques and anything I honestly can. I cherish education in all forms, and new things call for progression! 
A theme I had that will fuel my investigation is importance of family, traits, dreams and ultimately the past. It may seem odd, but my inspiration comes from everything. Life is an inspiration for me. I do not have a specific source of inspiration. 
I can be extremely hard on myself and shut down. Please keep my spirits up! push me to be the best possible me! I really want to make the best piece ever. This piece will be made in honor of my grandfather. Make me manage my time! Be hard on me! I need it! much love and respect!

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